League of Legends, Pantheon Review

League of Legends -Pantheon Review-

Pantheon is an assassin type champion, that is very good at jumping into the fray and doing a ton of burst damage.  If you are the kind of player who likes to get into the action and you like intensity, Pantheon is ideal for you!


Spear shot (Q) –

Spear shot is Pantheons way of countering ranged and being able to zone out melee through harrassment.  Right off the bat you should be leveling up Spear shot, as it will be you best friend.  It is a great opening attack as you close range with your enemy.

Aegis of Zeonia (W) –

Aegis of Zeonia is one of Pantheon’s greatest weapons.  This skill allows Pantheon to leap onto his target and stun them using his shield.  While the enemy is stunned, you can follow up with Heartseeker Strike and level your opponent.

Heartseeker Strike (E) –

Heartseeker Strike is Pantheon’s heavy hitter.  A stunned enemy caught in this hail of blows will suffer severe damage.  Heartseeker strike deals out 5 attacks in front of Pantheon.  The attack does double damage against enemy champions.

Grand Skyfall (R) –

Grand Skyfall is Pantheons “Ultimate.”  Grand Skyfall allows Pantheon to jump into the air and crash down on his enemies from a great distance.  The impact does damage based on how close the enemy is to the center of the attack zone.  It takes some skill to master using the Grand Skyfall, but once you learn to use it, you can wreck havoc.  It is like your own personal teleport.

Typical Combos:

A typical combo set for Pantheon is to use the Spearshot first.  This causes some damage and is ranged, so you can throw your spear while closing in for the finish.  Then you follow up with Aegis of Zeonia.  This will stun your enemy for a second or two.  This second or two will be plenty of time for you to utilize your Heartseeker Strike to pulverize the enemy.  This combo is truly effective for dealing out large amounts of damage on your enemy.


For Pantheon to be used to his fullest, you need to play with a decent team.  Since Pantheon is an Assassin, you do a ton of damage but taking it is not as well.  Most importantly remember to use your Spearshot, as this will be the way you can keep control of your lane.

Pantheon is a great champion to play, and is a very capable player in the game.  Have Fun Good Luck!

My favorite pantheon build!


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